George Streten

IAT Data Engineer at UKDSC

👋 Hello!

I’ve had a natural interest in software development from a young age — at 11, I persuaded my parents to sign up for an Apple Developer account for my use, allowing my to write and publish my own apps to the App Store.

Today I’m proud to be working as an IAT Data Engineer at UKDSC, utilising previous experience gained from my interests, degree and four years of experience across a number of teams at Apple. In addition to my technical knowlege, my time within multiple areas of Apple helped me to build skills in collaboration, innovation and stakeholder communication.

I view software development as a creative haven; a skill which extends beyond just professional applications, and into a natural passion for learning. Most recently, I undertook an undergraduate dissertation project at Bournemouth University to complete my Cyber Security Management BSc (Hons) degree.

Software Languages


Bournemouth University

Pending Results (to July 2021)

Cisco CCNA1

In-progress until June 2021